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The SADA is able to provide adjudicators to facilitate debates for all ages and abilities. SADA adjudicators are able to adjudicate a number of different styles of debates, including: Australasian 3-on-3, British Parliamentary and comedy debates. Given the diversity of the SADA’s adjudicator pool, it is able to provide adjudicators with a particular background in topic areas such as law, medicine, politics and science. Examples of debates that SADA adjudicators have adjudicated are:

  • secondary school intercollegiate debates;

  • University College debating tournaments;

  • the SA Multicultural Debate;

  • Law Society Golden Gavel; and

  • Intra-school debating competitions.

If you wish to hire an adjudicator, please fill out the form below. 


The SADA's standard rate is $45 per adjudicator per debate, but please note that this is subject to change depending on the nature of the event. The SADA is also willing to waive or reduce the fee in certain circumstances. The Vice President (Administration) will provide you with a more detailed fee estimate upon receiving your enquiry.

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