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Founded in 1965, SADA is South Australia’s largest, longest running and most recognised debating association, running a successful schools competition since 1966. For over 50 years SADA has focused on providing inclusive debating programs with a strong educational focus, allowing all students to develop and to enjoy debating.

The SADA provides South Australia’s most comprehensive debating program, which includes:

  • Competitions for primary, secondary and tertiary students;

  • Education programs designed to suit the needs of individual schools and clubs;

  • Adjudicator training and accreditation in line with national standards; and

  • Providing students with opportunities to debate at national and international competitions.

The SADA aims to:

  • Engage students and improve their confidence and public speaking;

  • Improve students’ analytical skills and the ability to develop persuasive arguments;

  • Expand participants’ knowledge on a range of social, political, scientific and moral issues;

  • Instill an appreciation of different perspectives and new ideas; and

  • Foster teamwork, research skills and discipline.


The SADA is South Australia’s sole affiliate of the Australian Debating Federation. National affiliation recognises the quality of the SADA’s debating program and rigorous adjudicator accreditation process. This affiliation affords the SADA access to the latest developments in debating both Australia-wide and internationally, ensuring that the SADA continues to run an engaging program which benefits students’ personal and academic development.

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