State Team Trials

The sign-up form is available at the following link:

Trial Details

  • When: Trials will be held on September 27, October 4, and October 11, in timeslots from 10:00-12:15, 12:30-2:45 and 3:00-5:15. Your time will be allocated based on your preferences in your signup form.
  • Where: University of Adelaide, North Terrace Campus, Napier Building
  • Dress code: Casual.
  • Bring: Pens, paper and water.
  • Format: Debates will be one hour secret topic preparation (no topic selection), followed by a 3v3 debate with Points of Information. Speeches should be between six and eight minutes long and POIs of <15 seconds can be offered between the one and six minute marks. First affirmative speakers will be offered the chance to give a 3:30 reply at the end of the debate.
  • Catering: Will not be provided due to COVID restrictions.

Training Resources

As we are not holding workshops this year, we have provided some training resources to assist students prior to trials, available below.

Changes to Trials in 2020

  • Due to the restrictions we expect to face this year, we have made changes to the trial format. For fairly obvious reasons, we do not expect to be able to run workshops with 50 students attending. As a result, we will not run workshops this year, but rather record and distribute some training videos to help get you ready to trial.
  • Instead of running open workshops followed by many simultaneous debates, we will run two debates at a time, three times a day, with each student attending one debate. This is so we can maintain a limit on the number of people in each room, and the total number of students and adults at a trial at any given time. We will provide an RSVP form where you can preference the available dates, then you will be allocated a date and time and asked to confirm that you can attend.
  • Unlike in previous years, this means you cannot show up at a trial to which you have not been allocated - we will not let you into the building. We would also request that you provide at least twenty four hours notice if you find you are unable to attend. If you provide notice, we should be able to re-allocate you to a different trial. If you do not, you will not be considered for the state team this year. Running state team trials during a pandemic has created significant logistical challenges, and we would appreciate it if you do not add to these challenges.
  • Finally, regrettably in 2021 students in years eight and below are not invited to apply. This is to keep numbers manageable for this year. All the coaches have seen many excellent year seven and eight debaters this year and would love to see you continue with debating and trial in later years.