Resources & Guides


The Australia-Asia Debating Guide

The Australian Debating Federation have produced an in-depth guide to debating. This guide is useful to debaters, adjudicators and coaches of all standards and provides a sound theoretical as well as practical overview of debating. You may access the guide here.

SADA Guide to Adjudicating

The SADA runs a rigorous adjudicator accreditation process in line with national standards. Part of the accreditation process involves candidates sitting a written test based on the SADA's guide to adjudicating, which was authored by a number of the SADA's senior adjudicators who have debated and adjudicated extensively at a national and intervarsity level. Aside from being required reading for all adjudicators, this guide is useful to debaters and coaches in so far that it is an exposition on how debates are viewed by adjudicators. The guide is comprehensive and detailed yet easily accessible as it assumes little by way of background knowledge on the part of its readers. The guide can be downloaded here.

Introductory Guides

The SADA has produced a number of short guides to provide new debaters and coaches with an overview of particular aspects of debating. Participants should refer to the Australia-Asia Debating Guide and the SADA Guide to Adjudicating, above, for more detailed information and advice.