Education Evenings

Each year the SADA runs a number of education evenings (at no charge) for students and coaches who wish to improve their knowledge of debating. The sessions give students and coaches an opportunity to see the substance of the SADA’s debating guides put into practice and ask questions of experienced university debaters and adjudicators.

The sessions, which last for one and a half hours each, are open to all students and school debating coaches in South Australia. Teachers who attend the sessions will receive a participation certificate recognising 90 minutes of professional development. Details of the sessions are set out below. If you have any queries please contact the SADA’s Education Officer, Jacqueline Jacobs, at or on 0407 522 627.

New Debaters' Evening

The SADA runs a workshop each year at the beginning of the debating season to help students new to debating. The workshop is also an excellent opportunity for more experienced debaters to brush up on their skills and knowledge of debating.

The workshop will begin with a short and entertaining demonstration debate put on by experienced university debaters and adjudicators so that students can see first-hand how a debate works. Commentary is provided between speeches to emphasise the key ‘take home points’ from each speaker. After the debate, students are then led through an interactive topic preparation where they learn to construct speeches and prepare a debate.

Tuesday 21 March 2017 - 7.00pm

Venue: UniSA Magill Campus, lecture theatre H1-44.  For best access, enter from St Bernards Road. (UniSA Magill Campus Map)

Rebuttal and Point of Information Masterclass

Points of information and rebuttal are among the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of debating. They allow debaters to engage with the opposition's case, which ensures that the debate is dynamic and engaging. The SADA introduces points of information from Intermediate A Grade, and debaters in all year levels are encouraged to rebut.

This is a practical and interactive session with entertaining demonstrations of the best and worst ways to rebut and offer points of information. Debaters are all year levels are encouraged to attend; the session provides an overview of the basis but also more sophisticated strategies and techniques for experienced debaters.

Tuesday 28 March 2017 - 7.00pm

Venue: UniSA Magill Campus , lecture theatre H1-44.  For best access, enter from St Bernards Road. (UniSA Magill Campus Map)

Preparation for Secret Topics and Beyond

This workshop is mainly directed at debaters in Intermediate A Grade and above, but all debaters will find it useful.  This session offers practical strategies for putting together an effective case in a limited time; it will also revisit techniques for points of information and establishing models and tests.  Finally, it will examine some of the general adjudicator feedback from round 1. Coaches are welcome to attend.

Tuesday 4 April 2017 - 7:00pm 

Venue: UniSA Magill Campus , lecture theatre H1-44.  For best access, enter from St Bernards Road. (UniSA Magill Campus Map)

Co-ordinator Assistance

The SADA understands that a schools’ debating program is often run by a staff member who does not have a significant amount of debating experience. The SADA’s Education Officer, Jacqueline Jacobs, who for many years was a school debating co-ordinator, is available to help coaches and debating co-ordinators in their role (at no charge) by offering advice and tips on coaching and co-ordinating a school debating program. To arrange a consultation with Jacqueline, please contact her here.