Education Evenings

Each year the SADA runs a number of education evenings free of charge for students and coaches who wish to improve their knowledge of debating. The sessions give students and coaches an opportunity to see the substance of the SADA’s debating guides in action, participate in activities, receive feedback and ask questions of experienced university debaters and adjudicators.

The sessions are open to all students and school debating coaches in South Australia. Teachers who attend the sessions will receive a participation certificate recognising 90 minutes of professional development. Details of the sessions are set out below. If you have any queries please contact the SADA’s Education Officer at or the President at 

You do not need to register to attend these evenings. 

New Debaters' Evening

Join us for a lively, interactive session that includes an introduction to the essentials of debating and an opportunity to meet debaters from other schools. This is a must for new debaters, but will also be useful to those already debating and their coaches. Learn how to:

  • Prepare and structure a debate;
  • Present a speech effectively; and
  • Avoid the common faults that can lose debates.

Wednesday 20 March 2019, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Piper Pavilion, Prince Alfred College

Rebuttal and Points of Information

This evening will be divided into two sessions covering two key areas of debating that make it especially dynamic and engaging - rebuttal and points of information. In the first session, students will learn how to tackle rebuttal - often the most challenging aspect of debating, especially for new debaters. In the second session, you will be introduced to points of information. The second session is largely targeted at Years 9 to 12 but younger debaters are also welcome. Learn how to:

  • Identify appropriate areas of rebuttal;
  • Use effective rebuttal strategies;
  • Structure thematic rebuttal; and
  • Understand the rules and strategy of POI debating.

Wednesday 27 March 2019, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Piper Pavilion, Prince Alfred College

Preparing for Secret Topic Debates

This interactive session offers strategies for effective secret topic preparation. It is mainly directed at debaters in Intermediate A Grade and above but all debaters will find it useful. This session offers practical strategies for putting together a sound case in a limited amount of time and with limited resources. Learn how to:

  • Allocate the 90 minutes of preparation time appropriately;
  • Target the central issues of the debate; and
  • Work effectively as a team.

Wednesday 3 April 2019, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Piper Pavilion, Prince Alfred College

Co-ordinator Assistance

The SADA understands that a school's debating program is often run by a staff member who might not have a significant amount of debating experience. The SADA’s Education Officer is available to help coaches and debating co-ordinators in their role by offering advice and tips on coaching and co-ordinating a school debating program.