IPSHA Competition

SADA is responsibile for administering the Independent Primary School Heads of Australia’s debating competition. This competition is run after school and provides an excellent grounding in debating for primary school students.

This competition is only open to IPSHA schools. However, primary school students in years 5 to 7 from all South Australian schools (including IPSHA schools) are eligible to debate in the UniSA SADA Schools’ Competition.

2017 Competition

Entries for the 2017 SADA IPSHA Debating Competition have now closed. IPSHA school debating co-ordinators can enter teams on behalf of their schools here

Competition Information

Debating Rules and Style

The IPSHA rules and debating style is much the same as the SADA Junior Grade; debates are prepared topics, speeches are short and topics are appropriate for younger, inexperienced debaters. Accordingly, we encourage IPSHA schools to take advantage of the SADA's debating education program and resources.


There are two grades in the IPSHA competition: B Grade and A Grade. All grades are open to students from years 5 to 7.

  • B Grade is intended for students new to debating. B Grade does not have finals.
  • A Grade is intended for debaters with some experience or particular aptitude in debating or public speaking. Students of the standard of the average year 7 should debate in this grade. The top eight teams in the A Grade competition compete in a three round finals series at the end of the season.

Round Nights

Unlike the UniSA SADA Schools' Competition, the IPSHA Competition is a highly decentralised competition. Rounds take place over a number of weeks with a small number of debates taking place at various IPSHA schools on multiple nights of the week. Debates start at 4.15pm and nights typically conclude by 6.00pm.

Further Information

If you are an IPSHA member school and are interested in entering teams in this competition, please contact the IPSHA Competition Administrator here.