Adults Competition

The SADA is affiliated with South Australia's longest running adults competition run by the Adelaide University Debating Society (AUDS).

Adelaide Debating Tournament

The Adelaide Debating Tournament, which is held in semester one, is a tournament in the classic Australian 3v3 format of debating. Experienced debaters and adjudicators will often assist teams with the preparation of debates while adjudicators focus on providing supportive and constructive feedback to help debaters improve their skills.  

Adelaide British Parliamentary Championship

The Adelaide British Parliamentary Championship runs throughout semester two. British Parliamentary debating is a popular debating format worldwide. It is an engaging, dynamic style of debating which involves 4 teams of 2 speakers debating against each other at once.

Intervarsity Debating

AUDS regularly sends teams and adjudicators interstate to compete at intervarsity tournaments and has enjoyed considerable success on a national level. Participating in the tournaments is an excellent way to become involved in the large nation-wide debating community. There are number of intervarsity debating tournaments run each year around Australiawhich feature a range of debating styles and cater to debaters of varying levels of experience.

Further Information

New teams and members are always welcome at AUDS. Anybody interested finding out more about adults debating should contact the AUDS Representative here.