Become an Adjudicator

The SADA welcomes any individual who has completed secondary school to apply to become an adjudicator. While a background in debating is useful, the SADA’s comprehensive training and accreditation process ensures that it is not essential. Adjudicators are paid an honorarium of $60 per night. Adjudicating is an excellent way to improve analytical and public speaking skills, meet adjudicators and debaters from across the State and make a valuable contribution to the development of students of all ages.

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Adjudicator Accreditation

Tuesday 9 April 2019 - 6.00pm 

Venue: University of Adelaide, Napier Building, Room G03

All candidates to become adjudicators must attend this event in order to become adjudicators. Candidates will receive a presentation from the Vice President on adjudicating and watch a debate before sitting their test. Candidates should familiarise themselves with the SADA Guide to Adjudicating (availble here) prior to attending. Candiates who are unable to attend this event should contact the Vice President Administration immediately to make alternative arrangements.

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